CLUB HUNT for members only.  Saturday, April 28th @ Lake Hawkins.  It will be a nickel hunt with Buffalo, V-nickels, Shield nickels and 3 cent nickels. There will be tokens for prizes and many will be uncirculated nickels and other items for prizes. We will met at 8:30 AM and the hunt will start at 10.00 AM. We will need some help planting the coins. It should be a lot of great fun, see everyone there. Pass the word on since we will not have another club meeting before the hunt.

We had 27 members at our April 2018 meeting.  Our President, Michael Heim was our Speaker of the Month.  He talked about his Find of the Month winner, a WWI dog tag belonging to a Frank Ogden.  Michael did research on him and told us about what he discovered about this particular individual.  This type of research really personalizes our finds when you can find out so much detail about a particular person that was attached to a particular find.


Almonds are a member of the peach family.


Steamboats carried both people and animals. Since pigs smelled so bad they would be washed before being put on board. The mud and other filth that was washed off was considered useless “hog wash".

Pictures of Mike Ross and Keith Wills at DeValls Bluff, Arkansas in 2015
Crime Search Team certified by Garrett Electronic/Detectors out working for the Upshur County Sherriff Department searching for loose weapon at a crime scene.