We had a great turnout with 40 members at our February meeting.  Unfortunately it started a little late because we were locked out of the church for awhile.  Our prayers are with Bob Brown who is the normal key holder who was in the hospital.  

Terry Smith was our Speaker of the Month.  He had alot of finds on display from a Ghost Town that he has hunted in the past.  We appreciate you Terry for volunteering to speak and bringing those great finds to the meeting.  

We have the TAMDC convention coming up soon and we'll need help with the booth.  It's in Carthage this year so please come and help with the booth for a couple of hours then enjoy everything that the convention has to offer.  


Butterflies taste with their feet.


The word "curfew" comes from the French phrase "couvre-feu", which means "cover the fire". It was used to describe the time of blowing out all lamps and candles. It was later adopted into Middle English as “curfeu" which later became the modern "curfew". In the early American colonies homes had no real fireplaces so a fire was built in the center of the room. In order to make sure a fire did not get out of control during the night it was required that, by an agreed upon time, all fires would be covered with a clay pot called-a “curfew". 

Crime Search Team certified by Garrett Electronic/Detectors out working for the Upshur County Sheriff's Department searching for loose weapon at a crime scene.